Interactive Caregiving

Interactive Caregiving™:  A Superior Approach Towards In-Home Care

Studies show that seniors have a much higher likelihood of staying healthy and retaining higher levels of cognitive function when they are kept engaged. This approach to in-home care is what Comfort Keepers® calls Interactive Caregiving™.

Interactive Caregiving™ is at the heart of Comfort Keepers. We believe that when seniors are able to remain active, when they feel connected with others, and when they feel that they contribute, they are happier and healthier. Our caregivers, the compassionate and professional Comfort Keepers, work to provide your elderly loved one with the highest level of physical care.

Every day, our caregivers actively engage each client in activities like:

  • Exchanging personal stories
  • Chatting about the news or other interests
  • Reminiscing together
  • Reading aloud
  • And much more

Comfort Keepers firmly believes that this Interactive Caregiving™ approach will keep your elderly loved one sharp and involved, which contributes to their overall outlook on life.

Every caregiver gets to know each senior client, customizing care to each individual’s personality, unique interests and abilities. What are some examples of our Interactive Caregiving™?

  • together on household chores
  • Taking a walk together
  • Dancing to fun music
  • Working on hobbies, puzzles or crafts
  • Making favorite recipes together
  • Participating in activities at the senior center
  • Going to church or synagogue

Opportunities for meaningful conversation can arise through everyday activities. This approach to care for seniors has been proven to contribute to longer and healthier lives. Our compassionate caregivers will connect with your elderly loved ones to enrich their lives, help them enjoy activities, and encourage a positive outlook on the future.

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